Moving your WooCommerce Store to Shopify is not difficult, and can be done without the use of costly plugins. Shopify is an appealing eCommerce solution that many people choose to use to host their store. I’ll cover the basics of migrating a WooCommerce store to Shopify.

Setup Your Shopify Account

Create an account with Shopify, choose your desired plan, and select your theme. Once completed it is time to import your products from WooCommerce. Don’t switch your domain over at this time until the entire store has been migrated. Shopify will create a preview URL you can use until everything is in place.

Export WooCommerce CSV

From your old store, navigate to Products and click Export at the top of the product listing to open the WooCommerce CSV exporter (should look like the below). The default values are fine if you intend to migrate all products. Otherwise, adjust as necessary.

Prepare CSV for Shopify Import

Since WooCommerce uses a different CSV format to include different column headings, etc. You will need to download the below Shopify CSV template and copy/paste from your WooCommerce CSV to the appropriate Shopify columns.

Shopify Template CSV

Import Products to Shopify

  1. On your Shopify site head to Admin and go to Products.
  2. Select Import
  3. Select Choose File under Import products by CSV file

If you receive an error, check this handy Shopify CSV import error listing for additional explanation.

Finish Shopify Store Setup

Lastly, make any additional changes to your imported products, and complete your store design. Once your new store is ready for launch, point your domain to Shopify to officially make the switch.