Why Small Businesses Need a Professional Website

by Mike Lugar
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In the last decade, a lot has changed in terms of how small businesses advertise their services/products and how they acquire new customers. Years ago if you wanted to find a business, the telephone book was the holy grail of listings; more specifically the ‘yellow pages’. If you needed a plumber for example, they were all right there on the page with different sized listings and short descriptions of what services they offer. Nowadays,  statistics show that over 80% of consumers search for businesses online first and then choose one that fits their needs.

Why is this statistic so important?

Because it screams to small business owners that without a website they don’t have the online presence they need to capture a portion of those leads that comprise the 80% of online-searching consumers.

A professional website offers potential customers information they need about the business, such as hours, address and directions, company background, and contact information. These are the basics every potential customer is going to be looking for when they visit your website.

By providing an engaging website, you are making the potential customer’s search much easier by giving them all the information they need in a presentable and professional way. This is the key to increasing your client base and producing more sales and leads.

This is why it is so important for us to meet every one of these expectations with the professional small business websites we create. Every small business should have an outstanding website that works FOR the business not against it to consistently bring you new leads and sales.

Mike is the managing member at MSLtek and is an avid web consultant and web developer. He enjoys solving complex problems and building awesome stuff.

Posted on October 14, 2013

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